PES 2011 Patch

Monday, May 16, 2011

PES 2011 Patch 1.3


- DLC 7.00 compatible
- KONAMI Official Patch 1.03 compatible
- Separate exe (allow you to install multiple patch) NEW
- Complete winter 2011 transfers
- All 32 Champions League teams
- Correct map position for all 32 CL teams in CL selection mode
- All Europa League teams
- Unlocked all Libertadores teams in Exibition (NO ML CRASH)
- Added Santos FC, Gremio, Fluminense, Sturm Graz, Standard de Liege, Trabzonspor, FK Austria Wien, FK Dnipropetrovsk
- Complete Bundesliga
- Complete Npower Championship in D2 League (switch leagues)
- Complete Serie Bwin (switch leagues)
- Complete Liga Adelante (switch leagues)
- Complete 2. Bundesliga (switch league)
- Complete Ligue 2 (switch leagues)
- Added new “Extra Teams“ league in Exibition
- 5 All Stars teams
- 6 Under 21 national teams
- Added Georgia, Macedonia and Malaysia
- Added 10 new balls
- Added DLC 7.00 boots
- Added 9 new stadiums
- 30 menus (6 are KONAMI default)
- Emblems selector (HD 3D, Wave Glossy, ect...) NEW
- Adboards selector
- Scoreboard selector (added 3 more) NEW
- Menu icons selector NEW
- Fonts selector NEW
- Soundtrack selector (FIFA 11 / PES 2011 soundtrack) NEW
- Special/Upper names format (Misc\Tools => Arsenal FC/ARSENAL FC)
- Face for more than 200 players NEW
- German map for Bundesliga
- Correct map position for all teams
- Correct kits for all unlicensed club teams
- Correct kits for all national teams
- Correct names for all unlicensed club teams and leagues
- Correct emblems for all unlicensed club teams and leagues
- Correct names for all players
- and more...



1 - Remove previeus version (Control Panel\Add/Remove Program)
2 - Run "PES 2011 R46 Patch Setup.exe" as administrator
3 - Select game install folder (C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is as default)
4 - Install the patch and play the game with "Play PES 2011" from your desktop (select your D2 league, only first time)


  1. Nagyon tetszik. Super!

  2. Razib can you upload an automatic installation about this patch...! If its easy for you please do it...! my pc have some serious problems with this and am afraid to do something wrong.If patch can be found in one downloading file please send me the link... Thanks!

  3. When I start the game and after the Press any Button screen the game just freezes.Release a fix,please.

    P.S Using win 7 if that helps ya.

  4. hi, I do not work. when I click Play I get an error message. What should I do?
    let me know please!!


  5. @Phaedon Sorry man, but it's hard to upload 400 MB 2 times

    @Can you send me a image?

    @Gabriele I need more info about your error...

  6. Razib when will you make the stadium switcher available?

  7. hey man what happened to links for pes 2011 patch 1.3? can you send me some new links to my email?

  8. hey great patch razib..but how can i play with ronaldo,r.carlos...etc (players in free agents in edit mode) ..also i tried making copa libertadores teams playable in ML but the game crashes when saving ..then i removed the teams in other europe(that u added) and made the copa libertadores teams playable in ML and it is there a way to play with all teams (copa libertadores and all of others europe)....thx

  9. @Anonymous I'm trying to find a solution to change the name when you switch a stadium. I'll add this feature as soon as possible.

    @Sale Tuzla Hi, I had a copyright infringement problem. So I can't release this patch. I'll release patch 1.4 soon...

    @Anonymous It's impossible to play with all Copa Libertadores and Other Earope teams because ML save works in limited space, and you can's save more than 220/230 (I don't remember the exactly numer) teams. Let's hope for PES 2012 for less limitation by KONAMI...

  10. Razib where is download link for 1.3 patch? and do you have single link for download or torrent ?

  11. i haven't download 1.3.because?

  12. ur files are sweet man!!!i hope u come with more

  13. para los que quieran descargar este parche de aqui lo pueden buscar
    for those who want to download this patch you can find here

  14. How to download this

  15. i have download it, but i can't play ML.. why???

  16. copyright infringement on what exactly?

  17. razib when Will the new version of the patch and what will be new?

  18. Nice patch but i have a little problem...every time when i choose a league and i want to edit with peseditor seems to stay only championship.I choose serie b stays only championship i mean with peseditor...what i have to do.Sorry 4 my english.

  19. @Anonymous You can't edit all second devision teams with "Pes 2011 Editor", you need "Pro-Evo Editing Studio".

    I'll start to make the new patch, when all playoff matches will finish...

  20. Hello, I have a problem. When I click play, just load the hourglass for a few seconds, but it does nothing.
    When I click on "Settings" so I get an error message:

    Unhandled exception in the application. Click "Next"
    to ignore the error and continue the application. When you click "Finish", we finished the application immediately.

    Access to the path "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 \ r46server \ razib_46 \ img \ dt0f.img \ unnamed_1826.bin"
    was denied.

  21. Hello.When i try to save ML gives dont send.Please fix this.

  22. The Fourth Link Happens To Start Downloading But It Ends sooner than it should so the "WinRaR" Says Damaged Archieve .......... but i have 1.2 and i tell u (YOU ARE EPIC RAZIB) Truely Thank You For Such Work And Keep Up Plz .(Essa Rios)

  23. pity me,fileserve has been blocked in my country,
    could not download this great patch

  24. Razib,i'm extracting the first four parts and than there comes a window: "setup.exe" is corrupt" what should i make?

  25. Patch 1.3 has a new gameplay?

  26. Razib why the teams don't have the new kits?

  27. Link download part 1 and part 2 is not working, please fixed.

    and please send to my email

  28. Lewandowski has wrong face :)

  29. So...i've reinstalled your patch and is good but the oldest problem is only with save now i cant save ML only in championship in others seconds leagues i can but here i dont.Keep it up the good work.Cheers

  30. Hello Razib.

    I downloaded your patch and it's wonderful.

    I Have Some Suggestions For You For Your Next Update If You Release One. [you know better than me hehe]
    *Add 2011/2012 Kits.
    *Rename Macedonia Team To Something Else.
    *Make Summer 2011/2012 Transfers.At Least As Many As You Can.
    *Add The Following Teams:wisla krakow,albania.

  31. Lewandowski from Borussia has wrong face like man from Asia, but he is from Poland :)

  32. u have another link?
    i cant download from fileserve

  33. Who to change Faces? i put in the folder but it doesn't change

  34. I've reinstalled the pes and BAL doesnt save gives error.Pls fix this

  35. Hey, I'm having problems installing the patch. I have windows 7 and when i click setup file (as administrator) it starts but after some seconds its says error help pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  36. please razib..use another link..i can't download from fileserve..

  37. Help me, Is the Part 4 had Problem i can not Extract, Please help me thanks.

  38. Dude... this works perfect.. great patch...
    Honestly i needed 20 min to download all parts but it works...

    I don't know about others.. I've tested it on 3 OS's.. on xp, vista and 7 and it works everywhere...

    Nice job..

  39. Very Good Job RAZIB-46_
    thaks a lot,,
    would u mind someday make a tutorial "how to make an awesome PES Patch"?!

  40. hey man what happened to links for pes 2011 patch 1.3? can you send me some new links to my email?